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Manufacturer of Disc Springs, Belleville Washers, Wave Spring Washers, Serrated Washers, Flapper Reed Valve, Precision Stampings & Sheets, Curved Washers, Sprial Power Springs, Hot Coiled Springs, Thane, India

Manufacturers of :

* Slotted Ball Bearing Disc Spring

* Disc Springs, Belleville Washers, Serrated Washers (Rib), Curved Washers,
   Wave Spring  Washers, Ball    Bearing Washers, Slotted Washers, Cup Washers & Spring Washers
* Coil, Spiral, Clock, Constant Force Springs
* Precision Stampings & Sheet Metal Parts for Automobile Industry
* Hot Coiled Springs
* Dowel Pins & Spiral Pins
* Ring Circlips & Retaining Rings
* Spacers & Shims
* Flapper Valve Reed & Valve Plates

Disc Spring
Disc Springs are conically formed angular Discs, which are loaded in the axial direction. Disc Springs offer a well-developed solution to many engineering problems.
Materials, applications & Selection, Installation Setting & Stacking, Symbols and Units, Std Din 2093, Tolerances, Ball Bearing Disc Springs, Belleville Washers DIN 6796.

Wave Spring Washer
Wave washers are wavy metal washers designed to offer a compensating spring force and maintain a load or take up shock. These are the disc of irregular shape formed in such a way that when loaded it deflects, acts like a spring, and provides a preload between two surfaces.
Serrated Washers
Serrated Washers are Disc Springs with Trapezoidal Cross Section on both sides for gripping. IIS serrated safety washers are ready to fit washers to sustain preload and avoid loosening.

Flapper Reed Valves
Reed Valve is a Flapper valve steel component used in different types of compressors for effective control of gas, fuel and air. Flapper Reed valves must be capable of working continuously for long periods without failure.

Stampings & Sheet
Handle large volumes of stampings & sheet metal componenents. Have automatic decoilers & feeders & high speed heat treatment furnace for faster production. We can stamp up to thickness of 10mm or 0.4".

Curved Washers
Curved Washers have distinct advantages over conventional wire springs where weight and space is concerned. Curved Spring Washers are made of tempered steel and stainless in some sizes. All the washers are debarred using our proprietary process to achieve the best round edges for longer life.

Spiral Power Springs
Power springs also called clock springs store and release energy in the form of torque. These are generally made of rectangular section material or strips, have special retaining holes or bends on both ends and are flat wound.

Spiral Torsion Springs
These are generally made of rectangular section material, flat strip, with round edges or normal slit edges with equal or increasing space between coils. These are wound flat to achieve torque. For first 3600, torque delivered per revolution is linear.

Hot Coiled Springs
Hot-coiled springs are generally used in elevated temperatures, high load applications, in a corrosive environment. The transportation industry, Agriculture implement manufacturers, and construction equipments manufacturers are some of the largest users of the hot coiled springs.

Coil Springs
We design a variety of springs for almost any type of application to suite you specific needs.
Compression Springs, Extension Springs,
Torsion Springs,


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